Latest Extensions

Latest Extensions

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  1. Joomla Push Notifications Plugin, it is a plugin that allows your site visitors to subscribe to the push service.


    Direct developer support
    Plugin developer supports directly!

    Joomla 4 and Joomla 3 compatible.
    Plugin is 100% compatible with Joomla 4 and Joomla 3

    Progressive Web App compatible
    PWA and Push Notifications together can be a problem. This plugin and our other PWA plugins work without any problems.

    No Coding required
    You don't need to know coding.
    You don't have to upload files.
    You can do everything from the widget management panel.

    OneSignal as Sender Platform
    It works with OneSignal platform. After creating your account, copy and paste your APP ID and the plugin will do the rest.

    Different types of prompts
    You can use different type of subription prompts
    - Notify Bell
    - Slide down prompts
    - Click link
    - Button

    Customizable Prompts
    You can customize the prompt designs

    Customizable Messages
    You can customize the subscription messages

    Customizable Show
    You can display according to the number of pages or the time spent on the site.
    For example, you can show at the fifth visit and at the sixth second. You can set the number of visits and the duration in the admin panel.

    Custom CSS
    You can add custom css in the admin panel.

    Custom JS Callouts
    You can add custom JS Callouts in the admin panel.

  2. By default, when logging into a website using Joomla source code, you need to enter your Username and Password. However, in some cases, you'll want users to be able to use Email instead of their Username to log in. The plugin below will help you.

  3. A Module to display Yendif videos as a carousel slider. It is mobile compatible and responsive design. You can add unlimited slides via admin interface. Simple and easy to use.

  4. This plugin is for Joomla developers. The plugin registers Swiper.js package ( in Joomla Web Assets Manager. Then you can use it in your extensions.
    Plugin for Joomla developers. It allows you to use Swiper.js anywhere in Joomla 4: in modules, components, plugins.

    To do this in your code, use
    $wa = Factory::getApplication()->getDocument()->getWebAssetManager();

    At the moment, only the swiper-bundle is connected with this plugin.

  5. The plugin adds a new type of custom field for Joomla 4 - Yandex.Maps. It allows you to display the label on Yandex Maps in those extensions that support custom fields in Joomla 4. PLugin is free.

  6. Phoca Cart View - Google Conversion Tracking Plugin - plugin that inserts Google conversion tracking code into the website.

  7. Phoca Cart Shipping - Shipping Zasilkovna Plugin - shipping method for Phoca Cart component.

  8. Phoca Cart View - Conversion Tracking Plugin - plugin that adds the conversion tracking code when the order is successfully completed in Phoca Cart

  9. News Display module it allowed to build pages with news in many awesome styles. It displays joomla content in many unique layouts.

    Article settings

    Select Category
    Child Category Articles
    Category Depth
    Tag Filter
    Featured Articles
    Article Field to Order By
    Ordering Direction
    Open Link
    Category Title
    Item Title
    Title Max length
    Description display
    Description Max length
    Date display
    Date format
    Show Read More
    Images settings
    From Image Intro - Yes / No
    From Image Full text - Yes / No
    From Inline Intro text - Yes / No
    From Inline Full text - Yes / No
    Order to Get
    Resize Mode
    Image Width
    Image Height

    Styles settings

    Style - Default, style1, slider, slider1, slider2, ticker, ticker1
    Custom color
    Slides Per View - only for slider1, slider2, ticker, ticker1
    Slider height
    Auto play Speed
    Slider Speed
    Show arrows - Yes/No
    Load Jquery - Yes/No
    Load bootstrap - Yes/No
  10. This plugin allows product variants to have different tax rates.
    E.G. child (small?) clothing product sizes may have a different tax rate to adult (large?) sizes.

    * Hikashop custom field on product table.